Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-14

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris is back at it again, transforming for the fifth time. He gets a surprise to find out that swimsuits don”t work like bras and panties, and instead change him like shirts and pants. To avoid looking too much like Holly, he”s going to modify something about her look.

While waiting for Chris to return from the bathroom, Holly gets a real surprise when she sees a woman who looks almost exactly like her walk in. She”d never guess who this stranger really is, unless he screws up big time.

Holly feels like she”s in The Parent Trap and meeting her long lost sister. She”s excited to get to know her twin as Chris as Holly, AKA “Carly”, takes a seat. Although, there is a slight problem: Holly is texting Chris to see how he”s feeling.

Holly tries getting a hold of Chris just as Carly is getting a text from her boyfriend. Chris isn”t feel well and rushed back to the hotel room while Carly has been dumped by her friends, so the two girls decide to hang out together. Little does Holly know what”s really going on.

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