Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-13

Notice : Release every 3 days

Summer vacation is just about over, so Chris and Holly are going on a trip to the California coast. Hot days on the beach with bikini clad girls will be a lot of fun. Will Chris be admiring all those bikini wearing women on the beach, or find himself among them?

Chris and Holly are on vacation in sunny California. When three good looking girls walk by, Chris is oddly thinking more about being a perfect combination of them, rather than sleeping with them. Whatever is reason for staring at them, Holly doesn”t appreciate it.

Holly and Chris are having a conversation about siblings when Holly says she wouldn”t take a sister for granted like Chris does. As an only child, she”s never had a chance to see what it”s like to have one. Chris then wonders what Holly would do if she had her own twin for a short time.

Chris has a plan to spend some time with Holly as a slightly modified version of her. It”s not like if she sees her twin, she”s going to assume that its her boyfriend with the magical power to transform into people. Well, at least that wouldn”t be her first guess. Will Chris”s plan work, and how will Holly react?

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