Different Position Comics-95

Notice : Release every 3 days

Christina is very worried that Isabel”s magic hasn”t worked. They warp back to Seattle where she must see if she is welcomed home as their daughter. Oh, and Isabel has accidentally given herself an amazing hairstyle.

Christina goes home to find that Scarlett is now treating her like her daughter! All of Christina”s memories of her family were just dreams before, but now they”ve come true. Not only have memories been changed, but Isabel took care of a few other things…

Isabel changed something else in the Young household as well. It”s not the most original layout ever, but it”s understandable since she had so much to change. Welcome home, Christina.

Holly has never gotten along well with Christina, but will they start to get along now that she”s separated from Chris? Time will tell. However, there”s more pressing things she and Chris would like to do now that they are finally alone…

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