Lingerie Poll: For Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women

Do you love wearing lingerie?
I’m guessing the answer is YES!
There’s nothing as feminine as beautiful lingerie, so please take my LINGERIE POLL and share your thoughts below!
What’s your favorite piece of lingerie to wear?

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How many bra…

Grace Of Memory-Part 2

Beautiful full body


LaUltra See Through Slim Briefer

Beautiful sissy legs


Amazing Trans Partner 5

Dress super sexy and sensual


Sissy fiction babysitter tg


Tyrone ran up to his friend Paul’s house. ”Ok hope this works” he whispered
to himself. Then he started to contract every muscle in his body, and then
Tyrone started to heat up. His hair turns silver and long. His shoulders went
crashing down. Next, his skin became tanner and softer.


Crossdress fiction the lodger


lt had been a week and. with the excephtion of using the en-suite bathrom
Bernie hadn ‘t left Sophie ‘s bedroom. “B ‘cell ‘ of pink feminine glory had become
the four walls of his world and he cast his mind back to that first day when he
had banged helplessly on the door for a saviour that never came before turning
his attention to the dress. Not only had the corset been tied so tightly that it
wouldn ‘t budge but he doubted he would have been able to do anything to the
padlock that lay just out of his grasp anyway.


To the party

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