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Background; why transgender clients are important to us

Transgender makeovers and photography by style me quirky are one of the core services we offer largely becuase of the reputation and popularity of SmQ’s founder Pops’ gender bending DJ act POPCOX. After a lifetime of dress up, cross dressing, acting, performing, fancy dress and 15 years of professional DJing, everything came together after a promoter friend booked Pops to DJ as his alter ego to headline of of his club nights in May 2008. It was a huge success and the rest as they say is history!

Transgender Makeovers and Photography by Style Me Quirky

In a short space of time, Pops developed a fan base of around 6,000+ fans across various social networking sites across the web. The fanbase compiled predominantly transgender people around the world and Pops felt compelled to reach out to them in their own media. After researching and finding various transgender magazines, Pops got in touch and wrote various articles for each magazine. During that time, Pops was thinking about projects and services he could provide for his transgender brothers and sisters.

Transgender Makeovers and Photography by Style Me Quirky

Now the project is up and running transgender makeovers and photography is an important aspect of what we do. With so much personal experience and a trained, enthusiastic team of trained staff from professional stylists and photographers to makeup artists and fashion designers, transgender makeovers and photography by Style Me Quirky are an exciting oasis of quirky makeup, styling and top quality photography for all our transgender clients and Gender Rebels.

Why Transgender Makeovers and Photography by Style Me Quirky?

The ‘Social’ Makeover Experience – we offer multiple client bookings of 4, 6, 8 and even 10 clients at once! Enjoy your experience with a group of friends or meet new people. Benefit from seeing the transformation process happen in real time with one of your course mates and have a fabulous time at an incredible value for money rate!

Quirky styling, direction and photography – we’re big on creativity and direction. Want to pass? We’re probably not for you to be honest, we are the Lady Gaga of transgender dressing services. Our philosophy is that we want all out clients to feel fabulous not normal. Even for those trans clients who usually strive to pass, we welcome you to take a walk on the wild side! You might also be surprised just how feminine an illusion you can create rocking a quirky ‘out-there’ style and a bright purple wig!

Transgender owned and run by Gender Rebel DJ POPCOX – heartfelt empathy, advice guidance and support from your host who was inspired to set these very services up for you!

Bespoke personal service – everyone is unique. We don’t go for the same old makeup look with every client, our burning passion for quirk means we like to create something different with every client where possible and experiment and dream up new and exciting ideas with our clients.

A ‘wow’ experience, not just another makeup service – Its a personal and professional goal to elicit the ‘wow’ moment from each of our clients. We focus on you having a unique and truly special life experience with us, the ‘wow’ moment is the bit when we go all gooey inside and really feel we have made a difference to our clients lives.

Focus on photography and creativity – we love quirky, alternative, creative. As long as its feasible, we like to build sets, do location shoots, use photography techniques and post production, the only limit is your imagination!

Transgender Makeovers and Photography by Style Me Quirky - Esmee

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How to Update Your Gender With Social Security: a Few Helpful Tips

If you’re transgender and you want to update your legal documentation before the President-Elect potentially takes office, chances are you’ve either encountered some conflicting instructions or you’ve got a case of information overload. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources to help you accomplish your goals before January 20, 2017. Specifically, you might need to update your gender with Social Security. The Social Security Administration has posted a set of guidelines to assist transgender individuals with this process. However, these additional tips should help make this as quick and painless as possible. These are based on my own experiences while attempting to change my gender with the SSA, so individual results may vary.

Make Sure You Have Updated Government-Issued ID

The first step in getting a Social Security gender marker change is to ensure you have a valid, non-expired form of government-issued identification. This will either be your driver’s license, a state-issued identification card, or a US passport. In the process to update your gender with Social Security, make sure that your ID has your current legal name and address. If not, take care of that first before visiting the SSA.

Obtain SSA-Accepted Proof of Your Gender Change

Secondly, you must have approved documentation to change your sex with Social Security. Currently, they accept the following items:

  • Full-validity, 10-year U.S. passport showing the new gender;
  • State-issued amended birth certificate showing the new gender;
  • Court order directing legal recognition of change of gender; or
  • Medical certification of appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition in the form of an original letter from a licensed physician.

If you need to update your gender with Social Security, medical certification may be the most easily obtainable. Some states will not issue legal sex changes through their court systems, and four states presently do not permit updates to birth certificate gender markers (Idaho, Kansas, Ohio, and Tennessee). Others, such as Michigan and Wisconsin, require surgery for either a court order or a birth certificate change—and for many transgender people, this is either undesirable or unfeasible. For more information, check Lambda Legal’s list of legal requirements organized by state, or contact an attorney or a local LGBTQIAA+ advocacy organization. (The National Center for Transgender Equality has the specific text of what should appear in your physician’s letter.)

Make Sure Citizenship or Immigration Documentation Is in Order

Thirdly, make sure you have appropriate citizenship or immigration status documents if you want to update your gender with Social Security. If you are a United States citizen, you should have a certified copy of your birth certificate (in many cases, the state or local seal will be embossed on the document). For those who are not U.S. citizens, make sure you have proof of your immigration status.

Original Documents Only, Please

When you want to change your gender with Social Security, ensure that all documents you submit are originals. They will NOT accept copies for any reason, and if you’re attempting to update your records in person you risk wasting your time and effort. For those using medical certifications as proof to update their gender with Social Security, it is crucial that they appear on original letterhead paper from your physician’s office and with their original signature.

IMPORTANT: IF YOUR MEDICAL CERTIFICATION EVEN REMOTELY LOOKS LIKE A COPY, SSA MAY NOT ACCEPT IT. I found this out the hard way on my first visit to my local SSA—the staff refused to update my record with the letter I was sent by my physician, which included laser-printed black and white letterhead and no signature. On my second attempt, they accepted my certification that WAS on letterhead and had my physician’s signature.

Update Your Gender With Social Security in Person

Although the SSA indicates you may complete a sex change in your Social Security records via U.S. Postal mail, it’s a better idea to visit a local office in person. You’ll eliminate additional mailing time. Furthermore, you’ll be more likely to receive faster feedback and instructions if there is a problem.

Also, you may be required to check in either electronically or with a receptionist at the location. If so, select either the option for a replacement social security card or a records update (it may be under the “Social Security Card” menu if you’re using a touchscreen kiosk to sign in). When you must update your gender with Social Security, this will save you potential wait time and route you through their service system a little faster.

IMPORTANT: WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT PRESS “OTHER REQUEST” OR “OTHER SERVICES” on the touchscreen sign-in machine. You’ll end up waiting FOREVER. Trust me. It happened on my first visit.

Call Ahead

I strongly recommend that you call the location in advance and speak with either a supervisor or a technical specialist to avoid any confusion when you get there. They may provide you with a policy number to reference in case the employee appears unfamiliar with the procedure to update gender with Social Security. This is probably good practice if you’re transgender and updating ANY legal documents or records with any agency. Despite the best efforts to certify that staff is trained, regulations permitting you to change documentation may be fairly new in some cases and the employee you end up dealing with may not know them.

Go Early Morning or Shortly Before Closing Time

The timing of when you visit your SSA office is up to you. However, if you don’t want to sit and wait too long, it’s probably a good idea to visit either early morning or shortly before the office closes. When I wanted to update my gender with Social Security, we arrived at one of the offices about 30 minutes before it opened and waited in line outside. The line wasn’t too terribly long, and I was seen within 20 minutes after checking in and sitting down. However, when you call ahead, it’s wise to inquire about typical busy times for that location.

Save Time, Headaches, and Hassles

I’m a transgender person who’s trying to get my legal documents updated before Davros-Elect potentially takes office. There are some that I’m unable to do right now (namely my birth certificate, and I’m looking at you, Wisconsin), but I was fortunate enough to be able to update my gender with Social Security. I changed my driver’s license name and gender markers earlier in the year, and I’m working on obtaining a Status Information Letter from Selective Service as well as my passport. I’ll be posting more information as I go through my own processes, which should hopefully be useful to other trans readers scrambling to get things in order before January 20.

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7 Belly-Flattening Fashion Tricks for Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women

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Out of the Closet: Relationship Tips for Crossdressers and Transgender Women

Note from Lucille: This is a guest post by Leanne, Transformation Maven of Lesada. Relationships are an important (and complex) topic, so I’m excited to bring you Leanne’s perspective. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
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The Top 7 Bra Styles Every Crossdresser and MTF Transgender Woman Should Own

With so many bra options to choose from, it’s easy to go wrong and wear a bra that’s the incorrect size or style for your body type.

Crossdressers and transgender women have unique needs when it comes to bras. If you want to enhance your feminine curves (without wasting money on bad bra purchases), consider these 7 bra styles:


A pocket bra, or mastectomy bra, has pockets in the cups to hold breast forms securely in place. If you wear breast forms (especially large or heavy forms), a pocket bra is a must.



Crossdressers and transgender women tend to have wide rib cages and/or widely spaced breasts. This can make it hard to find a bra that fits properly.

Enter the front closure bra. Front closure bras have a clasp in the front of the bra instead of the back. These bras have wider set cups, making them easier to fit.


The t-shirt bra is every girl’s best friend. It’s a seamless, molded cup bra that’s designed to look smooth under your clothes – even the most form-fitting tee. Best of all, t-shirt bras come in a wide range of sizes.



A common complaint I hear from crossdressers and transgender women is that many bras have straps that aren’t long enough for them.

Convertible bras offer a perfect solution. Convertible bras have removable straps that can be worn in different ways – including crisscrossed. Because of this, they have longer straps than regular bras.



Balconette bras have cups that are cut horizontally across the bust. This is a beautiful cup style that’s particularly flattering to wide rib cages and/or wide set breasts.

Most balconette bras are padded, so they’re also great for giving “the girls” some extra oomph.



Underwire bras offer maximum support, so they’re ideal if you wear breast forms. However, they can be hard to fit if you have a wide chest.

Consider wearing a wireless bra instead. Wireless bras have a more forgiving fit, so they’re much more comfortable.

If you want to wear a soft cup bra with breast forms, look for a wireless pocketed bra or attach the breast forms to your chest with tape or adhesive.



Adhesive bras are a backless, strapless bra style that’s attached to the breasts with adhesive.

These bras are fabulous for creating cleavage, so they’re a must for your femme wardrobe. (Click here to learn more about how to create cleavage with an adhesive bra.)


While you don’t need to limit yourself to these 7 bra styles (the sky’s the limit in bra land!), they’re a great place to start.

Now I’d like to hear about YOUR favorite bras. Is there a particular bra style or brand that works for you?

Please share in the comments below!


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