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I am my own girlfriend

This Throwback Thursday post was written over eight years ago. Revisiting it, I was surprised that what I believed is truer than ever applies today. I love females. Always did, always will.When I reached dating age, I dreamed about dating the vast num…

We Are Caitlyn——“You are not alone.”

By Paula Gaikowski
Being transgender in the 60’s, 70’s, 80s and 90’s, information was a scarcity. I’d devour any bit I could find. In the 60’s, I’d scour the tabloids in the back of Maybrook Sweetshop for scandalous stories. In the 80’s, I’d tune into …

Do girdles and longline bras help?

Over the weekend, I received a comment to my Size 14? post from Darianna. I replied to her comment with another comment, but I am expanding that reply here today. Darianna wrote, “Lately I have become interested in dressing more classy and sophisticat…

Girls’ Night Out

Friday evening, I had dinner with three women I used to work with: my former manager and supervisor and J, the executive assistant who invited me to the company Christmas party and responded to my RSVP with “Awesome, Sandy.”I don’t have to tell you wh…

Water (Not) In The Ear-Part 5

Water (Not) In The Ear-Part 4

Water (Not) In The Ear-Part 3

Water (Not) In The Ear-Part 2

Water (Not) In The Ear-Part 1

Unforgotten-Part 13

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