Different Position – Sir you are now a women 41

 Notice : Releasing this comic on every Monday to Thursday

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Different Position – Sir you are now a women 40

 Notice : Releasing this comic on every Monday to Thursdaycrossdesser
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I’m a sissy maid fiction


“Relax man, All you gotta do is steal our trtgh’y back”
“But what happens if they catch me
“How are they going to catch you?”
“They might Ind out that I’m a guy”
“And thats why we transformed gov into a ”girl. You don’t
even resemble your mer self.

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Well known artifacts crossdressing fiction


Why yes, I am Dr. Jones, the archaeologist.

No, the guy who did all that stuff before World War II was my grandfather! And if
you don’t believe that some of the artifacts he supposedly found are real, then
you’re an idiot.

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Change fiction


but with a lively enough crowd to distract anyone from snatching any details from their conversa-
lion. Ms. Fenstone was it the centre, an ageing black face and overlong fngemails, and just about
the most well connected power broker in these United States. She was eating steak. rare. She liked
the slight tinge of blood in her mouth after each bite, it felt like the only natural thing in her diet,
which otherwise composed of nutrient shakes and constant pain pills.

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