sissy frilly soft sheer chiffon lace sissy boy tutu panties white pink black lingerie knickers all sizes kinky fetish ~CD TV crossdress

sissy frilly soft sheer chiffon  lace sissy boy tutu  panties white pink black lingerie knickers all sizes kinky fetish ~CD TV crossdress





sissy sexy panties

this is a unique item …. when its gone… its gone … so get it while you can

just a little something to wear under …. well anything or ……… nothing at all

soft pink chiffon panties with a ruffle all the way round the waist edged in lace … simple yet mmmm sexy!

side depth 2 inches

crotch 5 inches

measurements are approximate.

all made in a smoke free home






Mysteria Adventure-11

Notice : Release every 3 days

Apparently the game has been automatically translating their four languages this whole time. However, the lack of a language barrier isn”t stopping “Cynthel” from saying anything about who he is. He hasn”t even told the others his name yet.


transforming my roommate-19

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie”s girls have finally blossomed! They”re now too big to hide anymore, so Jamie has no choice but to come to terms with becoming a woman


Different Position Comics-91

Notice : Release every 3 days

Happy 2015! Isabel finally reveals what Sapphires specialize in: motion-based magic. They excel in teleporting, telekinesis, and speed. One day Isabel hopes to reach their Bloodline”s Mastery Spell: Flight. With everything taken care of at the party, there are a few lingering questions left to answer…


Mysteria Adventure-10

transforming my roommate-18

Different Position Comics-90

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris is finally let free of his prison when Isabel decides he”s had enough punishment for his mistake. On the positive side for Jessica, she can now take his place with Fransisco, and Chris has set up a date between them. If things work out with those two, Jessica might end up very grateful to what her brother did for her.


I Wish I Could Wear It Every Day: TRANSFORM Me pocket bar

TRANSFORM Me pocket bar




  1. Why we love our TRANSFORM Me pocket bar
  2. The moulded sheer glitter see-through front of bra shows off your breast forms
  3. Your breast forms visually become part of you
  4. The sheer bra cup is strong enough to support your breast forms but allow them to bounce naturally
  5. The edges of your breast forms cannot be seen as they are hidden by the lace of the bra
  6. The cut of bra allows for showing cleavage while hiding edges of breast forms, perfect for a natural look!
  7. Our TRANSFORM Me pocket bar and breast forms blend with your chest to create a very natural transition
  8. The pocketed back holds breast forms in place, even when you’re active
  9. The pockets can easily be removed for attaching breast forms to your chest
  10. The comfortable stretch shoulder straps are adjustable for the best fit
  11. Your breast form’s nipples show very clearly through the sheer cup
  12. The sheer glitter knit cups works perfectly with our Naughty Nipples for full projection




Our favourite TRANSFORM Me pocket bar is truly every crossdresser’s dream! This bra is designed to show your breast forms as part of you. The lace hides the edge of your breast forms while the sheer cup of the bra clearly shows breast forms and nipples. Moulded glitter knit bra cups allow your breast forms to bounce and move naturally. Our TRANSFORM Me pocket bar is great for showing off cleavage, and really shows your breast forms as natural breasts in any sheer or revealing clothing.

Our TRANSFORM Me pocket barBra has a pocketed design behind the cups to keep your breast forms in place, even when you are very active.





B cup M 600g,

C cup L 800g,

D cup XL 1000g,

DD cup 2XL 1200g,

E cup 3XL 1400g,

EE cup 4XL 1600g

Insert Pocket Bra For Silicone Breast Form Fake Boob TV TG Crossdress Mastectomy

Insert Pocket Bra For Silicone Breast Form Fake Boob TV TG Crossdress Mastectomy





Bra Size Fit Size(g)
34D-F L/800 XL/1000 2XL/1200
36D-F  L/800   XL/1000 2XL/1200
38D-F XL/1000 2XL/1200 3XL/1400
40D-F XL/1000 2XL/1200 3XL/1400






A special purposely made pocket bra,to show the silicone breast forms/prosthesis for a natural look.

It has sewed in pockets on the back to hold the forms in place and provide support, and allows the breast forms to jiggle and move like the real thing!

To be used with full silicone breast forms which are designed for crossdressers, transvestites etc and  for women with flat chest.

It’s also perfect for post op mastectomy and everybody else who wants an invisible support for a fabulous shape!




Material: Cotton Blend

Color: Black / Skin Color



Mysteria Adventure-9

Notice : Release every 3 days

The party doesn”t realize yet what that mysterious man in the Grey Mask has done. Hoping that their families will unplug them soon, they head off for Capitol City.


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