Grace Of Memory-Part 5


I’m a gay guy who LOVES makeup, Not a ” tranny ” although there’s nothing wrong with ” cross dressing ” or being ” trans ” I don’t identify as either, and I’m glad I can inspire you guys to be yourself!


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Grace Of Memory-Part 4

Crossdresser Wig Selection and Care Tips

New to selecting and buying a wig? This section was crafted just for you! We’ll cover just about everything:

  1. How to select the ideal wig
  2. Where and how to buy hair most affordably
  3. How to care for your wigs

While I crafted this information with transgender women in mind, it will be helpful to any woman needing a wig or filler hair. I’ve helped tons of female friends new to wigs in finding a suitable solution.

Your needs and wants from your first few wig purchases are a lot different from they will be after years of experience with such hair.

Why’s that?

Grace Of Memory-Part 3

Fresh Makeup Tutorial

Miss Fame transforms into the look and feel of FRESH. A clean and wearable makeup application for both a summer day or a night out.


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Grace Of Memory-Part 2

Grace Of Memory-Part 2

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