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Jaye Anne wrote, “Maybe this will be of modest interest to our more self-conscious  sisters”

“Yesterday I went shopping at about 9:30 AM (at Walmart) and in drab, purchased three panties and a new shade of lipstick (I am partial to L’Oreal lipsticks). I checked out and paid the checkout lady, a woman of about 60. She didn’t blink an eye, was friendly and wished me well.

“My point for telling this story is that people in general and women in particular don’t care. They do their job and are happy for the sale.  I have, in the past, had the same experience with a skirt and blouse at Lane Bryant.”

I added my two-cents’ worth.

And if they do care, they usually keep mum because it is none of their business.

On occasion, I have had cashiers comment (always humorously) about buying stuff for milady. When they do, I tell them the purchase is for me and show them my photo en femme on my iPhone. That usually blows them away!

By the way, regarding the image above:

1) I’d like to try that while shopping in girl or boy mode, but

2) What are the health issues?

A little Googling came up with “How to Try on Cosmetic Testers in Store.”

(Caveat Emptor: This is a repurposed post from 2013.)

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Theory.
Wade Barnes
Winner of the 1972 “Miss America” pageant at Bryant (AR) High School. Starla sent me this image and remarked, “His Mom looks elegantly coiffed and attired. Like mother, like son?”

How to Prevent Powder Making Your Face Look “Flat” (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Pink Lady


A super change 12


Crossdressing titsie a request fiction



Chris sighed deeply and leaned against the studio ‘s whitewall. a brief moment of
reflection while the photographer reloaded f’dm into his camera. The spotlights
burned hot and he could feel the latex even tighter on his body than normal. like a
second skin that embraced him. coccooned h’nn…that imprisoned him.


Bad Hair Day Continued

As I wrote in my last two posts, I went out Sunday evening to attend a surprise birthday party of one of my long-time trans girlfriends.The party started slowly guest-wise, so initially I made small talk with the handful of people who showed up early l…

How to Prevent Foundation Settling into Lines and Wrinkles (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


This will be less of a problem if you manage to find a silicone-based product that works well for you, but, in general, foundation always settles into “crossdress” lines and wrinkles to some degree, no matter what you use or how you apply it.


Sexy baby


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