My sexy transform roommates comics 70


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Aiko pursed her lips together with temptation as she sat impatiently on the stuffed-toy covered bed in her college dorm-room. She fidgeted with her sissy skirt as she watched the young computer techie sitting at her desk, tapping away furiously at the keys of her laptop, attempting to get it working again. Young as he was for a staff member, he was still a few years older than Aiko ‘s usual targets, but that didn ‘t stop Aiko from getting that familiar itch. She gazed at his slender figure hunched over while his fingers danced across her keyboard, every now and again he would stop to scratch his short brown hair and Aiko would find her determination to have her way grow ever stronger.


My sexy transform roommates comics 69

The transgender prototype fiction


Ash strolled back into the lounge and sighed loudly. She was still there… It wasn ‘t supposed to
be like this at all…it was supposed to be great, she was going to make him meals and tidy up
after him and stuff, not this… His mother was still sitting in the armchair with her legs curled up
to her chest, a sketchpad on her knees while she drew frantically. Since losing her job at the toy
company, it was all she did, worlu’ng on some ‘big new idea ‘ that would be her key back into
business. For Ash it was just a key to getting in the way. He couldn ‘t watch what wanted on TV,
couldn ‘t invite who he wanted around, couldn ‘t listen to the music he wanted or at the volume
he wanted…he couldn ‘t even walk around the house naked. His mother wouldn ‘t approve
basically, she still saw him as her sweet uncorrupted angel… To make things worse she kept
staring at him… Every now and again, she would look up from her work and just study him. like
he was a painting in a gallery or something…


Yes True Stories.. From crossdresser!

Take a look at these adventures of mine. Jane Rohr was kind enough to send Glamour Boutique some of her best and worst stories and experiences dressing. Also, some important tips on how to NOT get caught by your significant other. Take a look. “Hello my name is Jane. I am a crossdresser. My friends […]

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Daringly sexy

My sexy transform roommates comics 68

Crossdressing fiction buttons & penthouse


Some buttons are not made to be pushed. As a loyal employee of W years for
Dollar&sense Investments, Bryce knew this better than anyone he knew ghat line v
not to cross and whose asses to kiss and, above all,‘he knew to keep the. boss, the A
multi- billonaire himself Johnny Mint happpy Unfortunately for Bryce,
the elusive Mr. Mint seemed much less interested in keeping his‘dedicated busboy
content. So, while Bryce was busy delivering clients.up_and down the floors of the
0&8 building with a smile, his employer was working just as hard giving him paycuts
and longer hours with a big shit-eating grin, all from the comfort of the skyscraper ‘s
penthouse suite. The toils of the job began to take their toll on him as he grew‘weary
‘of working his hands to the bone for a boss whom he.never even saw: In fact, the
only people who did see him were the men in expensive suits that went up for private
meetings and the bimbo call girls Bryce would occasionally see slipping out of the
private elevator. For Bryce, the penthouse button:at the _top‘of his elevator’s keypad
remained untouched, not to be pushed…however, Johnny Mint had been pushing
Bryce’s buttons for far too long

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Swiping his keycard and jamming a thumb into the button with a P* symbol on it,
Bryce still had no idea what he was going to say, only that he was about Ms the
boss a piece of his mind. He knew he would probably be fired for his outburst but it
would be well worth it…at least, he hoped it would be…“ A plethora of colored lights
illuminating the claustrophobic shaft snapped him out of his vengeful daydream and
before he could act, the tiny room began to climb the tower floor by floor.the first
change he noticed was the hair slowly inching its way down in front of his eyes, jet
black but no only…bright red highlights grew alongside the mass of dark locks
sprouting from his head. As’ he continued to ascend the shaft, he could feel his body 1
decrease in stature,’ becoming slight and slender and soft… Feeling a chilling panic j
overcome him ,he twisted around to face the wall containing a mirror and yelped in
horror. His cheap busboy uniform now swamped him, swamped a delicate feminine 1
body. with curvaceous mounds that grew either side of his polyester necktie and 1
pressed against the ass of his otherwise loose pants. The elevator stopped with a
ping and the doors slid open to reveal the twenty- fifth floor.
Going down?‘ a voice asked reflexively. It was Bryce ‘s supervisor, dressed in an
almost identical uniform but with gold tips on the jacket collar. A knowing grin
formed on his face as he stared at the elevator ‘s lone occupant and he slowly took a
step backwards. ‘Oh, you’re going down alright… ‘ he winked. The doors closed once
more and Bryce ‘s journey restarted. The dour brown uniform seemed to melt away,
leaving only a black latex lingerie set in its place hugging his new body. He felt his
ass raise into a pout as six-inch heels grew beneath his feet and returned him to
close to his previous height. The penthouse approached and other changes raged in
Bryce ‘5 body, a hot wet longing simmered in his loins and he watched the number on
the display counting the floors with a growing excitement. Finally, the elevator
chimed its penthouse arrival over a cacophony of panting and moaning and Bryce
tattered out in search of his master…

Fall in Love With These Fall Outfits

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