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Crossdressing today


As the drugs finally began to pass out of her system, Alex awoke with a start to unfamiliar sur-

roundings. Where she had been expecting to wake up, as she did traditionally, in her own bed, she

found that this was not the case. Instead she was in a dark room, with a splitting headache, and an

enormous unease throughout her whole body.


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How to Use High Lift Hair Color (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

In recent years, the hairdressing industry has seen a marked increase in the number of clients who want to go blonde but don’t want to use bleach. For a long time, there was simply no way to cater to these clients and you couldn’t dye dark hair blonde without the use of bleach. That changed with the advent of high lift hair color, and now it’s possible to dye your hair blonde without the bleach powder. Or at least, in certain circumstances.transgender tips


Sitting in the park

Is it summer yet 4

Sissy crossdressing fiction one of the girl night


So there I was, two months after becoming a girl, on the dance floor, surrounded by beau-
tiful women professing to being my friends, with a man way too close to me. I could smell
his aftershave, and feel the warmth coming from his body. I wasn’t sure how I felt about
him. His handsomeness was intoxicating, every time I looked at him I got more confused,
and the more I felt his warmth, the more I began to feel something blooming within.


Top 6 Makeup Tips for Transgender Women (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Your face is the first thing people notice about you. That means your makeup can make or break a feminine first impression. Does your makeup application look more drag queen than beauty queen? Or have you mastered the art of subtle, beautiful makeup? No matter what your skill level, there are a few key strategies that apply to everybody. Read… Continue Reading

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