How to Crossdress and Keep a Happy Marriage (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

How to Crossdress and Keep a Happy Marriage or A Wife’s Unconditional Love Booties are perfect for this chilly April weather we are having! Pairing them with a cute work, weekend, or date night outfit will add some sass and a little height to your look! With a pair of full or semi coverage boots, […]

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Lingerie modeling


Thin legs, but very nice


Fiction about To Become The Prey


“Hello?! Anyone! Why the hell am I a girl?!”Reid screams from the top of his lungs. “And why are these girls boobs so freakin’ big?!”

Reid is a college Sophomore and football player that won a trip to a newly discovered island in the Pacific. What he didn’t pay attention to was the fact that the brochure containing the ticket said. “You won’t leave the same.” It turned out that Reid won a trip to “The Isles of Exchange”. He won the ticket in a raffle sponsored by his college’s science club. and the girl that gave him the brochure’s name was Mindy. a Freshman he would always prey on in their anatomy class. “Wait. I didn’t win a trip. this was a trick from that girl Mindy. This is her body!”

Just as Reid stared at all of the confused beachgoers. he could see his body waving
back at him with a sly grin. “Enjoy your new body. Reid.” she yells. “If you want to stare at
me all day. now you have the chance to do it. forever! ” Mindy laughs as Reid stumbles in
the rushing water of the beach. It seems that Reid would be stuck as Mindy forever.

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Crossdress comic – Men in lingerie

Great Legs for the Cross-dresser (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)



A pair of pretty legs is transgender’s one of the greatest assets. In this article you will find how to get beautiful legs that make womans go crazy and girls envy you.  Pretty legs enhance your personality. Not all women are lucky to have born with beautiful legs, so you need to be familiar with how to get beautiful legs.


A gift from mommy


Fiction about His wig


This is the best job ever’ thought Ryan to himself as he sashayed up the isle of the clothes shop he worked in. Bringing in his wig and makeup supplies with him to work gave him access to unlimited choices of clothing. Since being promoted to manager Ryan had abused his rights to lock up and open up, coming in hours early and staying into the
night just to dress up.

Hearing foot steps he nearly lept out of his skin as he saw head of security Cathy walk in.

Well well Robyn… You really should consider the cameras when you’re dressing up. You’ve given myself and the whole security team quite a show for the last few weeks though. What say you come to my house and work as a maid for me since you just look so damn cute?

Nude floral black underwear hip pads T0240B


Feminization comics – Teenage couple

Impressive and Colorful Nail Art – Crossdresser Beauty Tips


What is Nail Art?

Nail art is an art of nail décor and beautification that has been evolving since ancient times. Early Egyptians and Chinese have marked the use of various natural colors, enamels, pearls and other embellishments to decorate and paint their nails. The advent of nail polish with its myriad shades was a revolution to this field and today nail art has turned out to be not just an art to decorate but also a technique to master the adornment and beautification of nails.


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