Kaito and miku (Crossdresser Crossplay)

New World Special 2016

A crossdresser’s guide to wig types (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Unless you are blessed with a full head of long hair you are most likely going to have to wear a wig to get a presentable/passable look. Most crossdresser’s first wig is a costume wig these are cheap, mass produced and unlikely to look realistic.


You’re my temptation


Sensually yellow


Ulrike Story (crossdresser fiction)


The invitation, accordance with this page, let me introduce myself here.I am a mature Trans-vestite, called Ulrike from Germany, married and constantly experience this wonderful feminine world. As with many other transvestites, began developing in childhood and continued to develop. Some years ago I was still hairy, used no makeup. Today I am completely shaved, often with makeup, wearing beautiful pasted fingernails, wearing elegant clothes or fetish clothing, jewelry and have a lot of heels. I have a right heels fetish, like a woman 😉


Top 5 Pantyhose Rules (Male to Female Transformation Tips)


What could be more feminine than a pair of silky smooth pantyhose?

I get a ton of questions about this topic, so let’s talk PANTYHOSE.

As you’ve probably noticed, not many women wear pantyhose these days. But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t wear them.

The secret is to choose hose that make you look sexy and stylish – not like you stepped out of a time warp from the 80’s.

Follow these 5 pantyhose rules and I guarantee you can’t go wrong:


Review: 2 Best items for Crossdressers and Transgender Women


We’re talking of a product called enhancers, which as its name suggests, enhances your breast shape, making them firm and yet, gives a soft natural feel to them. I am a young transgender (pre-op) that wants to be a woman but not yet considering going under the knife.And one of the things I needed badly were Breasts!!! I needed breasts! I needed breast ASAP! This was a struggle as I wanted instant results that did not hurt in any way.


Crossdresser Special Day

kuranosuke Crossplay

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