Crossdress TG story Part 1

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A crossdress TG story with bestfriend. please support and if u have any comments, feel free to write it. Favorite it if you like it. Thank You!

Anime Cosplay Event is coming up in 10 days time. My best friend and I decided to crossdress for the very 1st time since both of us had the passion to do so. Louis, my best friend, decided to go for shopping the following day however we did not know any crossdress shop as we were new to crossdressing.

I decided to do some research for some crossdress shop in Google. After about half an hour, I found a website that sells nice and beautiful crossdress items. The website was very appealing and it even mention in caps ‘’Ever wanted to feel like a female? Come and visit us now!!’’

I immediately told Louis about the shop and we were so excited about the visit the next day.
The next day, Louis and I visited the shop. The shop is so huge and it felt that everything that we needed was here.


Crossdresser Star Fiction

Beauty makeup


Tips for smooth skin Specially for Crossdressers



What is it that turns you on? Everyone has something. Something special. If you’re a cd, I’m betting that there’s something in the feminization process that really gets your motor running. Maybe it’s applying makeup or slipping into your crossdresser clothes. Or maybe something more specific. Like glossy lip stick or big long lashes. Maybe it’s that moment when you strap on your heels. Or lace up your corset. Maybe it’s the moment you tuck yourself into your gaff. Perhaps it’s the feel of a certain material against your skin. Satin? Leather? Latex? Lace? Maybe it’s your favorite pair of panties. Or your silkiest panty hose.

16 Things I Learned From Dressing in Drag: Confessions of a One-night Crossdresser part one


There are all kinds of men in the world, but I have arbitrarily agreed that the believe to be not guilty of man that wants to attempt wearing womens clothes at least subsequent to in his energy are in the majority. Im not talking roughly becoming a cross-dresser for enthusiasm, but most guys would associated to to see what its taking into consideration to go on in a dress at least for a little bit, right?


Crossdresser star

Japanese beauty


Bikini Hair Removal Tips for Your Male to Female Transformation


It’s a bit taboo to talk about the hair “down there”, but let’s face it …

Having a neatly groomed bikini area is an important part of your feminine presentation!

In this article, I’m going to share my best bikini hair removal tips for crossdressers and MTF transgender women.

The most common bikini hair removal options include:

  • Waxing
  • Using a depilatory cream
  • Shaving


The Transgender Community Has a Language All Their Own

Expert Author Myla MadsonPO

The first time I had a wife tell me that her husband was crossdressing, I realized I was ill prepared to counsel her and especially unprepared to talk with her husband. Since then, I have learned the language of the transgender community and thought I would share with you a few of the most commonly used terms.

o Androgynous – Someone whose gender is not obviously apparent based on outward appearance.

o Being Read – Or “getting clocked” refers to someone realizing that another person is crossdressed and is not an actual member of the gender they are presenting themselves to be.

★ Crossdressor – Once known and commonly referred to as a transvestite, a crossdresser is a person who wears the clothes of a member of the opposite sex. They will often act as a member of the opposite gender as well and usually do this for emotional or sexual release.

★ Drab – Wearing the clothes normally associated with your actual sex. Wearing a suit if you are a male to female crossdresser would be an example of this.

★ Drag Queen – A male who is often times gay who dresses as a woman in a manner that exaggerates typical female traits, very flamboyant.

★ En femme – When a male to female crossdresser is crossdressed and not wearing typical male clothing.

★Hermaphrodite – Someone born with partial or full reproductive organs of both sexes also referred to as Intersexed.

★ Stealth Mode – Someone who is living full time in their preferred gender, never revealing to anyone their actual birth sex.

Trannie – Slang term for transsexual.

Transgender – Term that is used for anyone who breaks traditional gender roles.

★Transsexual – Someone whose gender identity and actual physical body are not in sync with on another causing enough emotional discomfort that altering the body through surgery and/or hormones is usually required.

Shemale – Derogatory term used to describe a pre-op transsexual who has already taken measure to develop breasts but still has a penis.


  • Femini Underwear is designed for the Transgendered. They are made of a soft flesh-like silicone rubber and the prosthetic bodysuit creates the perfect female form.
  • Femini Underwear is proudly designed in United State, ensuring consistent high quality that you can trust.


These are just a few of the terms that are generally used to describe someone with conflicting sexual feelings and the path they choose to address those feelings. It is important to understand what a crossdresser must deal with and if you are going to label them, please use the proper label.

Famous Men in Feminine Attire


Although most men in feminine attire function movies for laughs, there are in addition to men who regularly don women’s clothing for optional add-on reasons. Female impersonators can often fool people into believing they’vis–vis women, and livid dressers clearly surrounded by wearing women’s clothes, whether they realize it in the privacy of their homes or concede to it public.


  • present you the newly developed Femini girdle legging, gives a complete transformation when you put this legging on! skin tight silicone gives you a skin as smooth as women, Realistic viagina and anus hole are penetrable.
  • The CP5 girdle leggings has 3 channels!! it’s insertable and penetrable of both vagina hole and anus hole, plus a urination channel which allows you pee while wearing it.


Movie Men in Drag

There are many examples of men wearing dresses for comedic purposes. The more masculine a man appears in feminine clothing, the funnier it is. Movies you may have seen featuring men in women’s clothing insert:
* Some Like it Hot: Probably one of the best known films featuring men in feminine attire, this 1959 film starred Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as two musicians fleeing the mob. They disguise themselves as members of an all female band to make off, but have disrespected ignoring their pretty band-mates, such as Marilyn Monroe.

* Tootsie: Dustin Hoffman starred in this popular 1982 film as an out-of-measure actor who dresses as a girl to burning a role in a soap opera.

* Mrs. Doubtfire: Robin Williams disguises himself as an English nanny to care for his children during a custody and divorce dispute. His masquerade requires prosthetics and special costuming to make his masculine form appear more feminine.

* The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: Terence Stamp starred in this 1994 film, which details the adventures of a lavender bus, Priscilla, and its fuming-dressing riders across the Australian desert.

* To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar: John Leguizamo, Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze starred as three drag queens traveling across the country. Their car breaks the length of in the center of a little town whose residents have never seen men along also these.

* Madea’s Family Reunion: Tyler Perry has made himself a franchise hit in male roles, but more for dressing as Madea, a wise-cracking, humorous mood. He first introduced Madea in stage plays, and was consequently bustling that he was skillful to translate his stories and characters to the all-powerful screen.

* The Nutty Professor: In the 1996 remake of this film starring Eddie Murphy, Murphy plays an entire cast of characters, including as regards everyone in the Klump relatives. He even portrays Mrs. Klump and Granny.

* Big Momma’s House: Martin Lawrence is a cop who goes undercover as Big Momma to catch a criminal. The role features him in a feminine fat battle, and the antics he gets into as Big Momma make for a comedy hit.

TV Guys in Dresses

* Before Tom Hanks made a proclaim for himself as a Hollywood movie star, he was re speaking the 1980’s behave Bosom Buddies. Along taking into account Peter Scolari, Hanks portrayed a man who dressed as a girl in order to flesh and blood in an all-women’s apartment building.

* Jamie Farr portrayed Army Corporal Max Klinger going regarding for M*A*S*H. His character dressed in women’s clothing in hopes that his penchant for dressing in drag would acquire him discharged from the military. Unfortunately for his setting, the set sights on never worked.

Other Men in Feminine Attire

Of course, not all men who wear women’s clothing get your hands on it for laughs. There are men who dress in feminine clothes in secret and get bond of not regard as sentient thing themselves homosexual. They handily enjoy the sensation of dressing in women’s clothing.

While some people think that every men who wear feminine fashions are actively aggravating to be women, that’s not the belligerence. Transsexuals undergo surgical and hormonal treatment to manufacture feminine beast characteristics, though transvestites or irate dressers as a result later than wearing women’s clothes. The two terms are not the same and the two groups don’t necessarily have the same feelings toward femininity. Transsexuals often succession they were born in the wrong body, though transvestites just enjoy cross dressing.

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