7 Simple Ways to Look Younger Now (Crossdresser / Male to Female Transformation Tips)


Many crossdressers and TG women tell me that it was easier for them to look feminine when they were younger.
None of us can stop the clock, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept looking old!
With a little effort (and some beauty tricks), you can look feminine and beautiful at any age.

Here are 7 simple ways to look younger – right now:



Gender Bender Teemo (Male to Female /Crossdresser Fiction)

A simple story about Gender bender Teemo! Please support and if u have any comments, feel free to write it. Favorite it if you like it. Thank You! 🙂 (Smile) The words are suppose to be pure white, not sure how it became this sorry!

I recently started playing a new game this year. It a famous game called ‘League of Legends’. I usually hear it from classmates talking about the gameplay of it and have never try the game before. It was until than one day, I gave in to temptation and started to try playing that game to find out why is this game so fun and famous.

Rock star

Fiction: Come to my bed

Beautiful long hair

Beauty Tips for Teen Crossdressers


Perfect beauty is an elusive concept, but if you can mood pleasing roughly yourself by enhancing your looks, you may locate more joy in your cartoon. Makeup and clothing is an business for many young people girls.


Fiction: Tender girl

Yup, this seems like a good place… And…AWAKEN

Huh? Amy what am I doing here? Last I remember I was in my room an WHAT THE HELL AM I WEARING?!‘

Hey Samuel, I mean Serena bet you regret mocking my attempts to learn hypnotism now don’t you? You sure did choose a cute outfit from the boutique though and the stylist was only too happy to let a young crossdresser like you blossom into the beautiful girl you are now. Anyway Serena I’m gonna put you back under hypnosis now, because your date should be here any minute.‘


Delicate lingerie

5 Ways to Look Thinner Instantly (Male to Female Transformation Tips)

laamale to female look thinner

Do you wish you had a thinner, more feminine figure right now?

I’m guessing the answer is YES!

The good news is that there are some easy tricks for looking 5 or 10 pounds thinner – instantly! (No diets or grueling workouts required.)

Here are 5 ways to slenderize your body now:


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