Behind every erotic tube dress – clinging tightly to a woman’s body revealing all the right curves and turns lies a perfect fitting bra boosting  her confidence to the apogee. A perfectly fitted bra is an essential ingredient that makes a woman be the best of herself no matter what the occasion is. However, finding the right bra could be a daunting task for most women. Purchasing a bra could soon turn out to be a huge bra puzzle where none of the pieces seem to fit. So following are the steps to your salvation that will deliver your weary body to a perfectly fitted world of brassiere:


You can measure the general size of your bra if you don’t have time for a professional fitting. Firstly, simply take the measure right below your breasts with a measuring tape. This is your band size. Secondly, measure all the way around the fullest part of your breast. Thirdly, subtract the smaller number from the larger number which will give you a cup size.

While buying a crossdresser bra, make sure the following requirements do not slip the mind.


If the band is too loose, it tends to ride up the back increasing the weight of the breasts and making the breasts seem saggy at the same time. If the band is too tight, it can even constrict your breathing besides leaving an impression on the skin.

Be careful when choosing the band size as it should be snug enough to provide comfortable lift and support. Also, it should be kept in mind that the band will loosen after a few washes so it is best to buy one that’s a little snugly.


It is of the prerequisite that the breasts should fall into the cups perfectly without getting the breasts squeezed or without a part of the breasts seeping out of the cup.

Bend over and let the breasts fall naturally into the cups with the nipple at the centre of the cup and make sure that the bra cups are smooth without wrinkles.


A wide variety of designs with versatile usage are now available. While shopping, be on the lookout for the style, shape or design that appeals to you the most and fits you comfortably. This just might be your signature style.

With every type of clothing, one requires a different type of bra. Identifying the perfect bra style or exquisite design for that special occasion is of assured importance.


While looking for bras, one need not be committed to a particular brand as there is always a possibility that your soul-mate might be in a different brand where you least expect it!

Most women tend to rush while buying bras. It should be kept in mind that patience is the need of the hour as size differs with brands.

Re-check your size every 10 months to keep those bosoms in a perfect shape.

5 Ways to Hide Your Adam’s Apple for Crossdressers


Reducing the visibility of your Adam’s apple will make you look and feel more feminine.

The good news is that there are some easy ways to disguise your Adam’s apple. And they don’t require surgery!

Read on to learn more:

1. Tie on a scarf

I believe that every crossdresser and transgender woman should have a collection of beautiful scarves in her wardrobe.

Tying a scarf around your neck not only hides an Adam’s apple, it adds a flattering pop of color to your face. Two problems solved with one accessory!

2. Apply contouring makeup

Another easy way to downplay your Adam’s apple is to apply contouring makeup over the protruding area. Choose a color that’s one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Dark colors make an area look smaller. This visually reduces the size of your Adam’s apple.

See the video below for a quick tutorial:


3. Wear a high collared top

High collared tops are great for hiding the side view of an Adam’s apple.

Look for shirts and jackets with collars that stand up around the neck. Ruffled collars are especially feminine and flattering.

4. Choose the right hairstyle

Long hair that curls around the neck is a great hairstyle for hiding an Adam’s apple. The length and shape make the Adam’s apple less visible from the side.

A bad hairstyle would be a bob that cuts off right at the level of your Adam’s apple. It draws the eye to that area – NOT what you want to do!

5. Swallow when posing for photos

Your Adam’s apple is less visible when you swallow. Use this knowledge to your advantage when taking photos!

I suggest practicing in front of a mirror first: Swallow about halfway and hold. The trick is to keep your face relaxed (and smile!) while you do this.

Permanent Adam’s apple reduction

The tips above are the easiest ways to disguise your Adam’s apple, but what if you are looking for a more permanent solution?

Tracheal shaving is a common male to female procedure. This surgery reduces the cartilage of the Adam’s apple and gives the neck a more feminine contour.

The procedure costs around $4,000-$7,000 in the U.S. Like all surgery, it’s not without risks. The biggest risks include unsightly scarring on the neck and/or damage to the voice box.

Are you bothered by your Adam’s apple?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Is your Adam’s apple a concern or are you blessed with a feminine neck?Have you had surgery? If so, are you glad you did it?Do you have any other Adam’s apple disguising tips you can share with us?

Please leave your comments below!


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